2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe is exactly the vehicle you want if you're seeking out an SUV in Virginia that meets the needs of you and your family. The Santa Fe features a jaw-dropping look that is sure to turn heads. On the outside you'll find a bold exterior, equipped with a sleek, aerodynamic layout that makes the Santa Fe look like it is in motion, even though it is parked. The aerodynamic design also works to increase your fuel efficiency and take it easy on your budget.

Safety is a primary concern for any family out there seeking a new car. The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe has a plethora of available class-exclusive safety and security features that make it the perfect SUV for any person who cares about their family. From pedestrian detection to the multi-view camera system, and a number of other additional pluses that allow owners of a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe to rest easy knowing that their family is safe on the road.


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The Santa Fe doesn't only work hard to keep the people in the vehicle safe, but it also works to keep pedestrians safe as well. The automatic emergency braking system uses both a radar sensor and a camera to detect if a crash is imminent. If an accident is coming, your Santa Fe deploys the brakes. The system can even apply full brake-force stopping power from 5 to 50 mph, and if a pedestrian is detected, full stopping power is applied automatically from 5 to 43 mph. Our dynamic light bending feature turns the headlights as you turn the steering wheel to let you always see exactly where you're going.

The multi-view camera system is available, featuring four cameras providing a 360-degree view around your Santa Fe. We're talking about a forward-view cornering camera mounted on the front grille, two cameras built into the side mirrors, plus a rearview camera. This allows the driver to see an aerial view of the Santa Fe, then select which camera they would like to view. These views are fed to the central in-dash navigation screen so the driver can easily see them.

Blind spot detection utilizes rear cross-traffic alerts and lane change assist through a radar-based system that detects when a vehicle is in your blind spot. A visual and audible alert serves to keep you aware of what is around you. If a vehicle approaches from the side, your rear cross-traffic alert will let you know. Lane change assist checks the speed of approaching vehicles in the adjacent lane to figure out if it is safe to switch over. If not, the Santa Fe lets you know with an audible and visual alert.

Lane departure warning informs you via audible and visuals cues if you drift outside your lane without signaling. Our rear parking sensors serve to make backing up easier, using audible warnings that increase in frequency and tone as you get closer to the detected objects. The electric parking brake aids you when you park via the automatic vehicle hold feature that will engage the parking brake automatically after the brake is depressed, without your foot having to hit the pedal. Once you put your foot on the pedal, the electric parking brake will automatically disengage. Then you're free to take your family where they need to go, with the peace of mind knowing that they're protected in your 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe.