Keep Your Cooling System in Working Order With Regular Service

Your engine operates at blisteringly hot temperatures. This is why it has its own cooling system built right into your vehicle. Your radiator is filled with a cooling liquid that is circulated through the system and keeps your engine from overheating, which could result in permanent damage.

Over time, you will find that the coolant in your system will get dirty and less effective. At that point, you will want to address that with a coolant flush. A coolant flush starts by draining all of the old coolant out of the system for disposal. A hose is then hooked up and the system will be power flushed. This knocks loose and removes any old sludge, sediment, or any other particulates that may have worked their way into the system. Lastly, the system will be refilled with all new coolant.

If you think that your car, truck, or SUV is in need of a cooling system maintenance, then bring it to the service department here at Malloy Hyundai in Woodbridge, VA.

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