Why is Proper Tire Inflation Important?

Did you know that checking your tire pressure can help you save gasoline and make it safer for you to drive? Well, it can! This is just one of the tricks Malloy Hyundai would like you to learn about.

Checking your tire pressure is the first step in the process of ensuring your tires are properly inflated. The reason this is important is that over- or under-inflated tires are not as effective as they are when the tire pressure is kept at the manufacturer's recommended levels.

Some of the issues you may experience when the tire pressure is incorrect are stopping to fill up the tank more often, uneven tire wear and less traction on the road. If you determine that your tires are over- or under-inflated, be sure to find out what the correct pressure should be. The technicians at Malloy Hyundai will be happy to help you at our auto parts and service center, so be sure to make an appointment.

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