Help a Motorist Out: How to Jump Start Another Car

To safely jump another car, you need jumper cables, work gloves, wire brush, and safety goggles. Once the two cars are close enough, turn off the engine, kill the car lights, open both hoods, and grab the wire brush. Be sure the terminals on the battery are free of any corrosion using your wire brush.

Unroll the jumper cables, place red to positive on your good battery, then red to positive on the bad battery last. The black cable then connects to the negative side of your good battery, with the other end of the black cable to a metal surface on the vehicle being jumped.

Start the one working car and allow it to run on idle for a couple minutes. The non-operational car should start after a few tries. You need to leave it running and remove the cables and close the hood.

If the car is running, bring it to the Malloy Hyundai car repair center and we will give the battery a complete inspection and replace if warranted.


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