When It's Time to Replace an Alternator

The alternator on your vehicle gives you the power you need to drive down the road. When your alternator is working well, your battery stays charged. Sometimes your battery won't charge because it needs to be replaced. When your battery is new and still doesn't seem to hold a charge, your alternator is probably the cause.

If your dashboard lights are dim, or your car seems to be losing power, it's time to have your alternator checked. As your alternator is beginning to fail, an ALT light may light up on your dashboard. If this occurs, bring your car in for service right away.

Our service center is ready to keep your vehicle in good working order. If your lights aren't working well and you have noticed problems with power, your alternator may need to be replaced. Visit us at Malloy Hyundai and have your car looked at by our service team.



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