Hyundai Kona Brings Multimode Freedom to the Table

The new Hyundai Kona is a popular crossover vehicle, or CUV. Considering the many fine features that this roomy yet sporty crossover vehicle brings to the table, it is easy to see why. Included among this list of features is the Hyundai Kona's specialized driving settings.

In the Normal setting, the Hyundai Kona transmission adjusts the shifting rhythms to promote fuel economy, thus saving drivers vital dollars in the process. In the Hyundai Kona Sport mode, the onboard computers prioritize quick downshifting to maximize acceleration and power.

Backing up these driver friendly transmission modes is the Hyundai Kona power steering system. The Kona makes use of specialized electric motors that use less power and create less noise than mainstream hydraulic systems. In addition, the Kona Steering system, which is found on all new Kona models, can move in a wide variety of directions to maximize your comfort and capability behind the wheel.



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